Emirates NBD

National Bank of Dubai and Emirates Bank has ceased to exist under their names yet united and formed Emirates NBD, which is one of the main banks of Dubai and the whole United Arab Emirates. The rebranding process of the two banks into one has ended in 2010 so this way Emirates NBD is a new entity. The account and shareholders who were previously in one of the banks have automatically become the share and accountholders of Emirated NBD under the same conditions with a so-called share-swap deal.

The Emirates NBD has relations with the huge Al Tayer Group, which is among the biggest companies of Dubai. The chairperson of Emirates NBD is therefore Ahmed Humaid Al Tayer. The Emirates NBD operates additional international branches in the following countries: India, Iran, Jersey (or Channel) Islands, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and in the United Kingdom. The total asset of Emirated NBD is huge with AED 282-billion. The bank has a 20% market share in the UAE, which is quite a good position for this relatively new bank. Emirates NBD operates altogether about 132 branches with 660 ATMs all around the world and rebranding of further branches and ATMs are under execution still today.

You can find the branches of Emirates NBD in Dubai at the Dubai International Airport in all the big shopping malls of Dubai where they keep open for longer yet their services can be limited.

Emirates NBD offers the following services for its clients:

Personal Banking: Includes managing of individual accounts, bank (debit and credit) cards, assurances, personal loans, debt management and personalised financial advising services.
Priority Banking: For the VIP clients with priority wealth management packages and personalised solutions with extras.
Private Banking: has its offshore roots offering diverse investment solutions, trusts and professional advices on investment e.g.: in art objects or anything else. Thanks to its Jersey, branch offshore banking solutions are possible at Emirates NBD Bank.
Business Banking: business services for small and medium sized businesses, packages and smartBUSINESS, which means a first class e-business platform for business banking services.
Corporate Banking: Deals with big corporations, institutions, even for foreign governments and other official bodies. Diverse financial solutions include transaction banking and international corporate banking solutions.
Specialized Services: In this section, we can find Asset management services, global market and treasury services and other security services for investors.

Additionally Emirates NBD always comes up with diverse discounts, extra, seasonal and temporary offers for either potential or present clients. Emirates NBD has a rich sponsoring activity being the official sponsor of Dubai Ladies Masters' International Golf Championship and holds various cultural events, which include exhibitions, music festivals and many more.

The Dubai and UAE subsidiaries of Emirates NBD bank include the Emirates Islamic Bank, Emirates NBD Securities Investment and Financial Centre, ETFS, Emirates Money Consumer Finance LLC, Emirates NDB Asset Management and the Emirates NBD Capital Ltd. All these subsidiaries are to be found in Dubai, in the headquarters of Emirates NBD.

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